Students should be Encouraged to Research more about Nigerian Dance – Culture Consultant

A consultant on cultural matters, Jahman Anikulapo, on Tuesday advised university lecturers in Performing and Creative Arts to encourage their students to research into  Nigerian dancers and dance itself.

Anikulapo said in Lagos that when there is a critique of indigenous dance and dancers, it would give room for more discoveries of areas that students could research into.

He said that researches into different types of dance and dancers from various parts of the country would make such works become known; be internationally recognised, accepted for documentation.

He said that it would also pave the way for innovations in the dance industry.

“ I want university lecturers to ensure that their students research into African dance and dancers when they are doing writing their thesis.

“This will enable such works to gain prominence when students do a critique and explore them.

“We should minimise the rate at which we encourage students to work on foreign dance and dancers; but try to promote our own.

“We have renowned dancers like Ijodee, Kaffe and a host of others who are doing excellently well and are competing favourably alongside their international contemporaries.

“I see no reason why a student cannot work on Ijodee distinct style of dance for instance, ” he said.

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