Osun 2018 :Center Set Host Social and Digital Media Summit in Osun State

The Center for Social and Digital Media Research and Training has unveiled plans to host a Social and Digital Media Summit aimed at sensitisizing people towards the upcoming Elections in the State.

Speaking to EDUCATION HERALD  Olanrewaju Oyedeji Coordinator of the Center said “The importance of people understanding the critical role Social and Digital Media plays especially with the election realities is important, the Center will aim to have a discuss aimed at informing people not to use The Social Media for destructive purposes but rather promote Orderliness during the election”

Speaking further, Olanrewaju said “It will be noted that the role of Social and Digital Media is not limited to Orderliness alone, telling and encouraging people to vote is one role Social Media plays well, the Center understands that transparency of elections can also be encouraged through the Digital Media and Osun State is s critical State that needs massive reorientation “.

On if the state Government is aligning to the plans, the Coordinator said the State Government has been carried along in the plans.

Digital Marketers, Social Media enthusiasts, Political Strategists, Students Group and many other stakeholders are expected at the Summit set for March 6,2018 in Ile-Ife Osun State.

The Osun State Governorship Elections holds later into the year.

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