OAU: We have not called off our Strike – Official

SSANU PRO, Abdussobur Salaam

The Chairman of Senior Staffs Association of Nigerian Universities, OAU chapter  Ademola Oketunde has said Non-academic Staffs of the University are still on strike despite resumption of Academic Activities in the Varsity.

He told EDUCATION HERALD earlier today that while the workers will not block the school gate or barricade anywhere the strike is still in Full force “We are still on strike that I can say, none of our workers returned to office, the Vice Chancellor is only trying to circumvent our workers stating that the school can resume even without the Non Academic Staffs”.

On the presence of electricity on Campus, Ademola said “Basically, there are places that there won’t be light, for instance the Academic area don’t have any electricity, we want to see how the school will cope without light in the Academic environment, all other services have been withdrawn by us, we even met with the Student representatives and told them basically what we can do to alleviate the situation “.

On if the Workers will try to stop examination from holding, he said” Well, I cannot answer that, only the Vice Chancellor and Academics fix examination dates but if they feel students can write examinations without light in the Academic area, then let’s look on or if they feel they can write examinations without basic things, it is left to the Vice Chancellor “.

The Institution was opened recently despite ongoing strikes by the Non-academic Workers of the University, examination has been scheduled For January 29,2018.

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