How I lost my Tuition Fee to SARS-Nigerian Student


After Inside FUTA reported activities of of SARS operatives looting Mayowa, a newly-admitted student of FUTA, another student has narrated

how he also lost his tuition fee to the men of the

Nigerian Police in Akure. The student identified as Tosin,after seeing the news on Mayowa, took to the comment

section on Instagram of Inside FUTA to narrate his ordeal and advised

futarians to be cautious when paying their school fee. In his

narration, he said “the same thing happened to me just

yesterday. I was picked up at UBA arakale where I was

suppose to pay my school fees by men of the Nigeria

police, SARS. I was then driven to around shoprite. “My

phone was searched probably to find something to

incriminate me, but they didn’t find anything apart from

pictures of clients and so on. I was then told to either drop

my school fees and go free or they will lock me up for days,

and then collect my fingerprints to database, that with that,

I will never be able to travel outside the country, because I

will be tagged an ex-convict. “I had no choice, I did what I

had to do. I was later dropped but without my school fees

which one of them claimed it is their right, ‘eto’. I left there

and went home to sleep, thanking God I wasn’t killed. I

didn’t tell anyone, not until I saw this post. “If you are a

FUTA student, use the banks in school to pay your fees

don’t go to town to pay. The police will rob you.” The

comment has however been deleted on Instagram. When

contacted personally, Tosin confirmed the incidence but

refused to give further details, claiming that he doesn’t

want to trend online for personal reasons. He mentioned

that he only wanted to implore students to jettison the

decision to pay their fees in town, by using the banks in

school. This brings us to two reported cases in two days as

the EndSARS campaign begins to gain momentum on social

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Men of SARS

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