JAC Still on Strike?

With the events happening on Campuses in Nigeria, many persons are beginning to ask if JAC is still on strike.
For those wondering, JAC means Joint Action Committee consisting of SSANU, NASU and NAAT.

In December 2017,these three Unions announced their Decisions to commence strike action owning to Disagreement over 23billion Naira Academic Earned Allowance released by the Federal Government same year.
The union has claimed that the federal Government had found a way to maneuver their workers and has refused to share the Allowance appropriately.

The Public Relations Relations Officer of SSANU had also told EDUCATION HERALD that the Union is embarking on a Total shutdown of Universities.


With the strike action already over two months, notable institutions have reopened and even commenced Examination despite the strike action with more Universities to join, leaving questions like “Do we still have Non-academics on strike really”?

It should be noted that major forced behind the Non Academic Staffs Strike in recent years have abandoned the strike action atleast for now, with Obafemi Awolowo University, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, University of Ibadan amongst others among those who have started activities despite the ongoing strike.

The possible cause of the strike action dwindling some have said includes the internal arrangement between Non-academic Staffs and Various Universities management.

Unconfirmed sources have it that for instance workers in University of Ibadan received about 160,000naira each on the average in December 2017, paving way for resolution of the issues while speedy operation of the University is allowed, EDUCATION HERALD learnt.

While the strike still goes on, workers of some Universities have threatened complete showdown if nothing Is done in the coming days.few

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